This is who you want to be when you grow up

Work flexible part-time hours, build your brand, be part of an elite community, and make significant income on the side.
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visorboard experts are an exclusive club of elite entrepreneurs and professionals from across the industry
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"this is the Best gig in the world"
visorboard is the easiest way for tech industry professionals to begin their advising journey. Within days, you can start helping startups, building your brand, and earning money.
💪 We handle all the hard stuff

We handle all marketing and sales to bring startups onto visorboard, we recruit other experts and freelancers to support you as needed, and we offer you an endless number of response templates for anything you might be asked for.

✈️ As flexible as it gets

Advisors and freelancers can work as much or as little as they'd like - you can choose to work with one client or up to 20. Additionally, the majority of work is asynchronous so advisors can do it when they want and wherever they want.

📣 Build your brand

We're committed to working with advisors and freelancers to build their online presence, make connections & referrals, and help them work towards their longer term career goals (including venture capital and board observing).

💰 Make meaningful cash and equity

Advisors and freelancers earn hefty rates from users but are also given equity in visorboard and Revise Ventures (our parent venture firm).

🤖 Control your fate from AI and layoffs

Advisors' and freelancers' income is not contingent on the performance of one company, rather you can support multiple companies. Advisors focus on strategic work and away from more operational work that is vulnerable to AI and other automation.

We're actively recruiting advisors and freelancers across domains.

Strategy, Hiring, or Fundraising
Monthly Reports

Get accurate monthly reports into your inbox.

Marketing, Growth, or Sales
Remote Access

Access your creative team anywhere in the world

Product, Design, or Research
Custom Design

Get a fully original custom design.

Engineering & AI
Secure Cloud

Your data is fully 128 bit encryption

Start monetizing your expertise today
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